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                                                Safety is a top priority at SRFACS.  With over 400 students attending our campus, everyone must be alert and full of care when picking up and dropping off students.  To improve, these new procedures are effective immediately.  Pick-up We aim to reduce the congestion on the sidewalk and front yard area. All students will be kept within fenced areas until released to a parent/guardian/caregiver. Those picking up Kinder-Academy, Kindergarten and First-Grade students should enter the gated area to claim their child.  Yellow tape will differentiate the adult waiting area from the children’s area.Students in Second and Third Grades will continue to wait in front of the Kindergarten classes within the black gate. Students in Fourth - Seventh Grades will wait in the fenced area nearest the corner of Doyle Park Drive & Sonoma Avenue.  The responsible adult must be present for the student to be released.If you use the pick-up zone, please alert your teacher and student so they both can watch for you.  Parking The white zone is for busses only, between 2:15-2:45pm.  No parking, stopping or waiting is allowed in the white zone when a bus is present. Drivers in the pick-up zone must stay in their car at all times. ATA Taekwondo prohibits school parking in their lot and will be chaining off their parking lot.  Violators will be towed at owner’s expense. Sufficient on-street parking exists within a one to three block radius of campus.  Please be alert to traffic when walking and respectful of neighbors.  Traffic Law enforcement will resume traffic patrols and will be ticketing offenders who double-park, make illegal turns, speed, or are otherwise unsafe. A new volunteer traffic safety committee is being formed to implement new procedures, focusing on the safety of students and being respectful of our school neighbors.  Please show them respect and gratitude for their efforts.  If you are interested in volunteering or have questions or comments, please contact the office. Thank you for your courtesy and support! Pascal StricherPrincipal  


Le centre aéré en français – French Immersion Summer Camp at SRFACS


We are excited to announce that for the second time, a full French Immersion Summer Camp will be offered this summer on the campus of the Santa Rosa French-American Charter School for 6 weeks from June 22nd – July 31st.


The Summer Camp will be run by EFBA (Education Française Bay Area), a French non-profit organization, which has developed a unique language immersion summer camp where children can improve their fluency while being active and having fun. The Camp Counselors are young adults and all native speakers. The ratio of 1 adult for 5 children ensures that each child is engaged in French at all time and stays sharp in his language skills during the summer. Even beginners love it!


Hurry up, space is limited!



 EFBA Summer Camp RegistrationNow Open 



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SRFACS CalendarRestaurant de l'ÉcoleMenu de la semainePurchase Student LunchPurchase Parent Lunch Friday, March 20th (closed)Lunch Volunteer Sign-UpLink to SRFACS Calendar.School lunch weekly MenuSee our amazing menu. All effort will be made to update this page weekly. To ensure freshness and use of best ingredients, menu is subject to change.Purchase lunch credits now...Through or drop off a check addressed to CNS at the front office. Your children will thank you for an amazing meal prepared lovingly from fresh and local ingredients. Bon appétit!Purchase parent lunchParents are invited to eat lunch with their children on one Friday of the month. The cost of an adult lunch for this program is $5.60, and will need to be pre-ordered and pre-paid. Reserve ASAP as there are a limited number of seats available.Volunteer for school lunchesThis is your opportunity to help in a variety of ways with the 'art of the table' and take part in this unique program. Choose a day a week or per month that works for your schedule. See you at the Restaurant de l'école.Online shopping to support SRFACSWhen you want to purchase anything from (U.S), please use the button on the left. SRFACS will receive a percentage of proceeds. For more information visit shopping to support SRFACSWhen you want to purchase anything from (France), please use the button on the left. SRFACS will receive a percentage of proceeds. For more information visit




SRFACS Selected by the Santa Rosa Symphony "It's Elementary"


Santa Rosa Symphony bestowed a tremendous honor and privilege upon SRFACS students, their families, teachers and administration:  SRFACS has been selected as one of four schools in Sonoma County to enjoy their “It’s Elementary” two year music immersion program, free of charge, starting in fall 2014. The many benefits of Santa Rosa Symphony Its Elementary program are detailed here.




Located in Northern California's wine region, one hour north of San Francisco, Santa Rosa French-American Charter School (SRFACS) is a public charter school, serving children from transitional kindergarten to eighth grade. We are fortunate to have the support, resources, and expertise of Santa Rosa City School District (SRCS) to help us establish a campus that will draw students from Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties in August 2012. In addition to exceeding expectations for a well-equipped elementary school, we will strive to create a cultural center for the benefit of our community.


SRFACS provides a rigorous and exciting education curriculum, with a global perspective. Our language immersion program draws children who love to be challenged and parents that are engaged and dedicated. This combination makes SRFACS students, parents and our community, engaged not only locally, but also globally.


Our rich curriculum with a unique and inspiring approach to education will provide students with opportunities to develop inner strength and potential that will serve them for the rest of their lives.



The Paths We Choose from Clyde Javois on Vimeo.

The Paths We Choose

The French Academy of Bilingual Culture © 2011.


This video examines the value of a bilingual education, exploring why younger children have a superior ability to learn a second language. Considering research from Eric Lenneberg, Ellen Bialystok, among others, it also looks at why bilingual students are better speakers, better thinkers, better learners, have superior focus, score higher on tests, and are better citizens of the world.


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"There is nothing like a dream to create the future"       -Victor Hugo