The curriculum at SRFACS blends the grade level standards of California’s Common Core with the same age-appropriate requirements held in French school core standards. The results will be a sum greater than its parts.


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Curriculum and Instruction


The principles of the California Common Core Standards combined with the French Ministry of Education’s Common Base of Knowledge and Skills, help guide the development of curriculum and instruction, thus providing a foundation for teaching and learning at SRFACS. The Common Core Standards are based on an international approach to standards-based education.



The content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education are listed below:



SRFACS provides a basic framework for a challenging standards-based core curriculum that employs the French and English language as a vehicle to deliver a challenging curriculum which engages students at a high cognitive level. Teachers at SRFACS employ three guiding documents in planning their integrated core curriculum – the Common Core Standards; the French Base Standards; and the California additions to the Core Standards. The core content areas of French and English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science are standards-based, and lessons will transcend the standard fare and make lasting impressions as students are immersed in a multicultural environment.


The two following documents serve as a the foundation for French schools in North America. The SRFACS teaching team decides how they adapt the French curriculum to the local context. They have established a curriculum that is be both challenging and rewarding.


Please refer to the documents below and note that the right column outlines elements that are necessary to complement both American and French educational standards.



The curriculum at the Santa Rosa French-American Charter School is in accordance with the California Education Code:


• Adherence to Education Code sections 51210 and 51220.

• Use of the French and English language to carry out the academic standards set forth by the State of California.

• Alignment of standards-based curriculum, assessment, and instruction throughout the grades at the school in order to provide a comprehensive, coherent, sequential structure for teaching and learning.

• Inclusion of multiple assessments of student work, both formative and summative/outcome-based, as essential components within a French-speaking program.

• Inclusion of all learners in the classroom, whether that be special education, English learner, French learner, or gifted and talented.

• Recognition of breadth and depth in the inclusion of American and French culture as an aspect of learning in a global world.

• Expectations that classroom teachers, support staff, administrators, parents, and members of the local Francophone community are included as part of the educational experience for all students. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Santa Rosa French-American Charter School resides in its rich and unique French setting that will provide awareness of culture diversity, mastery of a second language spoken by 300 million people worldwide, and develop additional pathways for learning. The Charter Founders believe that the value of learning in two languages benefits not only the mind, but the spirit. Facility with language leads to an openness to culture, and that is a skill our future citizens will require in our ever-shrinking world. It is the hope of the founders of SRFACS that students will matriculate from SRFACS with an exceptional education that prepares them for higher learning at home or abroad, and the humanity to be ambassadors for peace in the world.


Students move toward excellence in the academic arena and in life by learning to:


  • Use a minimum of two languages that will bring openness and relevant communication, dialogue and debate in a given socio-cultural context.
  • Cultivate curiosity and respect for others and rules of collective life.
  • Develop as citizens of the world in relation to culture, language and learning to live together.
  • Build and reinforce students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness.
  • Foster students’ recognition and development of universal human values.
  • Provide international content while responding to local requirements and interest.
  • Show interest in seeking the truth.
  • Develop a critical mind.
  • Express motivation and determination while carrying out goals.
  • Stimulate curiosity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning.
  • Explore opportunities to embrace the francophone culture.


The staff at SRFACS emphasizes a personalized approach to learning. Each student is evaluated and encouraged to fully address his/her individual needs.


SRFACS teachers offer a dual immersion program in French and English. Teachers use their CLAD (Crosscultural Language Acquisition Development) and SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) skills to meet students at all levels of language proficiency and offer them access to the core curriculum. Teachers also employ such proven techniques such as student-centered, project-based activities that allow students to meet learning outcomes while engaged in in-depth interactions with subject matter and peers, giving them a multi-faceted understanding of over-arching educational themes.




"When we give the solution to a problem to a child, we deprive him of the pleasure of discovery"


-Jean Piaget



Santa Rosa French-American Charter School